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Once you have made order and proceed with the payment, you order status will become “Processing”. During this phase, we are preparing and packaging your parcel which will be shipped soon. Once the parcel has been shipped, the status will change to “Completed”. However, the tracking number for your parcel will be updated within few hours later.

How to get the Tracking Number?
1. Go to MY ACCOUNT page. You might need to login first before you can see the dashboard.

2. Once you are at the dashboard, you should notice that your order details is listed RECENT ORDERS section. If the Tracking Number for your parcel has been updated, you’ll see a “Delivery” icon next to the VIEW button. Click on that button to get your Tracking Number.

3. Once you get the Tracking Number, you might want to check where is your parcel right? Go to http://www.pos.com.my to track your parcel.