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Alhijab LUXE – LENORE is made of Ultrafile Voile Fabric, are super soft, breathable and lightweight. Allowing your hair to breath and oxygenate, whilst fulfilling your religious beliefs. These wide square hijabs are also large, allowing you to fully cover your hair and giving you plenty of room to create the style you want. Debellani Al-Hijab comes with multiple colors are high quality without the extra premium price. These hijabs create beautiful styles, draping elegantly and flows to help you create the perfect style.

  • Adornment: Rhinestones & Round Pearls (3 edges)
  • Minimal ironing
  • Light weight
  • Opacity 4/5
  • No additional starch needed
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140cm x 140cm


Wide Square Scarf


Ultrafine Voile Fabric


Dark Grey

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