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Order & Register

Welcome to Debellani! Okay, where do you start? First, you might want to browse through the products in our Shop page and see which product(s) you want to order. Once you found it, open the product details, set the quantity you want to order and click ADD TO BASKET. Simple isn’t it?


Repeat the same steps to all the products you want to buy. Once you got what you need and you want to check the list of your order, click either on the VIEW BASKET or you may also click the “cart” icon on the top-right menu.


A list of product(s) will be shown with total price given to you (not including shipping fee). If you have coupons with you, do apply the coupon first before checkout.


Of course, we need to know your address as well, so you need to go through the registration form first before you proceed with the payment. If you already have an account with us before, simply login into your  account.


Do you want to send the item to a different person? Simply tick the option SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS and another form will show up to be filled. Otherwise, the shipping address will be the same as billing address. Just in case you have something to tell us, please write them down in the ORDER NOTES form there.


Be sure to tick “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” so that you won’t need to re-enter the details all the time you want to order something from our website in the future. Once everything is filled, choose your PAYMENT METHOD (though there is only one right now), and place your order.


Upon successfully completing the order, this page should be displayed consisting the PAYMENT ACCOUNT, ORDER DETAILS and the steps as well. Be sure to read it! This will be emailed to you as well for reference.


The order is done, the registration is done. Now it is time for you to make the payment. You might refer the info regarding Payment here.